KAT Vehicles are Amphibious Search and Rescue Craft
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KAT Amphibious Vehicles™
KAT® Rescue, Military, and Civilian SUV amphibious vehicles
are the first highly practical application of the amphibious vehicle.

Available in Amphibious High Mobility Search and Rescue Version, Amphibious Multi Purpose Military Version,
Amphibious Emergency Medical Services Version, and High Performance Civilian Amphibious Sport Utility Vehicle Versions.

KAT® Rescue, Military, and Civilian SUV Amphibious Vehicles

Arising from the watery destruction of Hurricane Katrina is the KAT Amphibious Vehicle™. The KAT® takes it's name from Hurricane Katrina which hit New Orleans in 2005. At least 1,836 people lost their lives in the hurricane and subsequent floods, making it the deadliest U.S. hurricane in 75 years. If rescue, fire, police and military personnel had this all-wheel drive amphibious multi-purpose vehicle at the ready, they could have towed thousands of people to safety on KAT® wheeled barges. There is no other amphibious craft like it.

The KAT® amphibious vehicle is an "unsinkable" watercraft with powerful all wheel drive. Rescue, military, and SUV sport utility vehicle models are available with an array of custom options to suit a multitude of specialized purposes. The patented unsinkable design utilizes a revolutionary innovation incorporating a rugged steel-encased-foam chassis. Models are available with a variety of engine configurations and inboard-outboard marine drives.

All KAT® vehicles are amphibious and built to extremely rugged, heavy duty specifications. Built to order for the government and the public, the models designed for rescue are configured specifically for the U.S. Coast Guard, FEMA, NSARC and other rescue and firefighting applications.

A second set of KAT® models is specifically designed for the U.S. Marines, Navy SEALS, Army Rangers, and other military and government special forces to exacting military specifications for covert missions requiring stealth, armour and armament. Law enforcement rescue models and military models are available directly from the manufacturer, Industrial Object, LLC of New Orleans. Rescue, law enforcement and military representatives are invited to visit the manufacturer in the New Orleans area.

The civilian version offers a third set of models designed for sport and recreation. These amphibious SUV models are outfitted to a high standard of automotive and watercraft finish. Available direct from the manufacturer, they are also available in specifically outfitted versions to meet customer needs. They will soon also be available at auto dealers and yacht dealers throughout the world. Prospective buyers and dealers are invited to visit for a test drive of the KAT® through the Lousiana swamps and bayous.

KAT® Amphibious Vehicles Go Anywhere

KAT® Amphibious Vehicles operate over all types of terrain from dry land to marsh, swamp and open water. They are designed to operate in the worst imaginable weather, from ice and snow to floods, hurricanes and typhoons.


KAT® Amphibious Search and Rescue Craft

Military Vehicle
  • Armour
  • Stealth
  • Auto Start
  • Navigation
  • Weapon Mounts
  • Troop Cabin
Rescue Vehicle
  • Speakers / Lights / Siren
  • 360-degree Exterior Lighting
  • Multiple Towed Barges
  • Audio Video Navigation
  • Onboard Camera System
  • Versatile Patient Area
Sport Utility
  • Multimedia Car Audio
  • Carbon Fiber Accessories
  • Intake & Exhaust Systems
  • Computer Flash Upgrades
  • Turbo Tuning Upgrades
  • Performance Suspension


The Designer

Renowned marine designer David Carambat conceived of the amphibious rescue vehicle concept after Katrina ravished New Orleans. The design of his KAT amphibious vehicle has since evolved from rescue vehicles to also include military and recreational versions.

His company, Industrial Object, LLC specializes in marine and automotive industrial engineering and design. Industrial Objects is a cutting edge marine design firm providing innovative marine design since 1989. Inventor of the groundbreaking SWATH technology "Small Waterplane Twin Hull" and innovative hovercraft, Carambat also provides captivating "Best in Class" designs of leisure yachts and other recreational marine craft.

David Carambat's designs surpass all other international leisure craft and work boats in efficiency, performance and comfort. There are also a number patents pending for the vehicle design and innovative technology of the The KAT® amphibious vehicle. Carambat's company, Industrial Object, LLC boasts the best of the best in naval architecture, materials science, structural design and CAD capable fabrication.

On February 21, 2008 Carambat gave a presentation of the KAT 829 Mass Rescue Vehicle to the NSARC. This is an excerpt of their report:

National Search And Rescue Committee
Suite 3106, 2100 2nd Street SW, Washington DC 20593-0001
Phone: (202) 372-2090 Facsimile: (202) 372-2912

February 21, 2008
U. S. Coast Guard Headquarters
Washington, DC 20593-0001

Mass Rescue Vehicle. Mr. David Carambat (Design Director, Industrial Object, LLC) gave a presentation regarding his company's development of a rescue vehicle. Mr. Carambat advised the Committee:

(1) His company, Industrial Object, LLC, has taken advantage of it's expertise in maritime and high speed craft design to develop a versatile high-performance rescue vehicle.

(2) Hurricane Katrina showcased the need to operate in sizeable areas, much of which are flooded; flooding is the most common type of natural disaster in the U.S.

(3) A durable, field-fixable amphibious tug-barge system that can be easily deployed would be a valuable disaster rescue asset.

(4) Ideally, the Coast Guard or FEMA could preposition such vehicles to enable rapid response.

(5) Mr. Carambat invited NSARC to send representatives to New Orleans to see and assess the vehicles.

February 8-10, 2012
ASNE Conference
Washington, DC

Kat Vehicles® were invited to be in a part of the ASNE American Society of Naval Engineers Conference to display the KAT® Amphibious Vehicle at the Crystal City Hyatt Convention Center February 8th-10th, 2012. This was the first public exposure of the KAT® 829. Since 2009 we have continued to make substantial improvements to the original 2008 model.

The KAT® 829 is already the world's fastest (15 Knots) wheels down amphibian with twice the payload, range and clearance of its nearest competitor. Add to that our SOCOM HSB design experience, unprecedented fully road certifiable design, and recently patented self draining/bilge-less, unsinkable construction. The new 829 upgrades now include 4WD and 4 wheel independent suspension with powder coated S 2500 A-arms/suspension, racing nitrogen shocks, and SS brake systems.

We are now also developing a high speed militarized version to achieve the (35 Knots) water speed SOCOM requires. SOCOM is the United States Special Operations Command, the unified command for the worldwide use of Special Operations elements of the Army, Navy, and Air Force. To obtain that high speed capability we will lift the oversize wheels up with our pre-engineered internal wheel hub hinge mechanism. We are also negotiating with a foreign government navy to buy this high-speed version on spec, so the demand is high.

Our high mobility vehicle is worth review by first responders, government agencies and navies worldwide. Government agencies for rescue, fire, law enforcement, military and all other local, county, state and federal agencies can contact David Carambat directly at (985) 893-2432.


KAT® Military Amphibious Vehicle


KAT® Brand and Model Trademarks

KAT® and the Shield and Lightning Bolt logos are trademarks of Industrial Object, LLC. The ® designates a U.S. registered trademark. AMPHIBIOUS KAT™ is the model name that states the amphibious nature of this Katrina-inspired vehicle. AMPHI KAT™ is an abbreviated brand name of the vehicle. H2O KAT™ and FIRE KAT™ are model names of the amphibious fireboat version. HYDRO KAT™ is another brand name of the amphibious SUV model. KAT 2005™ is a future special edition model commemorating the August 29, 2005 tragedy.

KAT 1000™, KAT 2000™, KAT 3000™, KAT 4000™, and KAT 5000™ are all future model names suggestive of engine displacement and horse power options based on planned models of the KAT AMPHIBIOUS VEHICLE™. KAT KITS™ are assembled vehicle kits for the home built enthusiast.

KAT 829™ has special significance as the date in 2005 when Hurricane Katrina made landfall in New Orleans causing the death of at least 1,836 souls. KAT BOAT™ is a brand name reserved for this versatile marine/land vehicle. KAT CRAFT™ is a model name describing the amphibious vehicle's water craft capabilities. KAT CROC™ is a trademarked name reflecting the heavy duty mobility of the KAT™ on land, water, swamp and sea. KAT MILITARY™ is the brand name of the stealth model outfitted for SEALS, Rangers, Green Berets and other units of the U.S. Special Forces.

KAT HM™ is the model name signifying the military term "High Mobility". KAT HP™ is the "High Performance" version of the amphibious civilian sport utility vehicle. The KAT MP™ "Multi Purpose" model relects the diverse capabilities of this HEAVY DUTY AMPHIBIOUS VEHICLE™. KAT PD™ is the brand name reserved for all branches of law enforcement and corrections. KAT RESCUE™ best describes the "Mass Rescue" capabilities of the KAT™ when towing wheeled barges.

KATRINA CAR™ is a registered trademark of this all-wheel drive SUV capable of 80 mph+ highway speeds. KAT VEHICLE™ is another trademark of this mass rescue / military / sport / utility / amphibious / watercraft vehicle. MILITARY KAT™ is the brand name allocated to the Army, Navy, Coast Guard and other branches of the military. POLICE KAT™ is the brand designed for police and law enforcement during searches and when in off road pursuit of suspects over difficult, wet and swampy terrain. RESCUE KAT™ is the brand name of the "Mass Rescue" model configured with a towing capability for numerous wheeled barges over land, over water, through swamps, through floods and other disasters. WATER KAT™ is a trademark describing the advanced watercraft capabilities of this high mobility, multi purpose, heavy duty amphibious vehicle.

BRAVO KAT™, DELTA KAT™, HELL KAT™, WHISKEY KAT™, YANKEE KAT™, and ZULU KAT™, are all brand name trademarks of heavy duty KAT® amphibious vehicles designed for rescue and the military.


KAT® 830 Long Bed Version With Emergency Medical Services Configuration

KAT® 829 Model, 830 Long Bed Model, and New Wheels-Up Model

The KAT® 830 has an extended wheelbase and comes in numerous configurations. The 830 long bed model has the capability of carrying many more passengers and comes in an emergency medical services version, a civilian version, a number of rescue versions, and number of different military versions.

New 829 and 830 upgrades now include 4WD and 4 wheel independent suspension with powder coated S 2500 A-arms/suspension, King racing nitrogen shocks, and SS brake systems.

The KAT® 829 is already the world's fastest wheels down amphibian at 15 Knots with twice the payload, range and clearance of its nearest competitor. Add to that, our SOCOM HSB design experience, unprecedented fully road certifiable design, and recently patented self draining/bilge-less unsinkable construction makes our high mobility KAT Vehicles® worth review.

The standard wheelbase KAT® 829 base model is priced at $95K with 4wd and 4 wheel independent suspension. The new KAT® 830 long bed base model pricing starts at $125K. Both are offered with full flotation cargo barges priced at $9K each.

Although KAT® Vehicles currently have the fastest "wheels down" amphibious speed in the world, a future flip-up wheel design will soon be ready for release. The U.S. Navy water speed requirement of 35 knots is well within our hull capabilities with this new wheels-up design. Look for the unveiling of this new high speed, flip-up wheel model very soon.

This new wheels-up design will provide us with the increased performance of 35 knots water speed that SOCOM requires for militarized versions. Our pre-engineered internal wheel hub hinge mechanism will give us the technology to lift the oversize wheels up and surpass the U.S. Navy water speed requirement.


KAT® Specifications

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KAT 829

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KAT® and the Shield and Lightning Bolt logos are trademarks of Industrial Object, LLC. The ® designates a U.S. registered trademark.
KAT Amphibious Vehicles™ is a Trademark of Industrial Object, LLC. Copyright Industrial Object, LLC. All rights reserved.